Clay's 50 shares for $500.00

What is it?

As appreciation for the hard work and dedication our local teachers put into forming the minds of our youth, I wanted to do something special for a local teacher.  


Q: Is this for teachers in Pampa Only?

A: No, this is open to teachers from Pampa and the surrounding areas.

Q:  Can I vote more than once?

A:  No.

Q:  Can I vote for a retired teacher?

A:  Not this time, this is for current teachers.


How does 50 for $500 work?


The Gist:

A facebook post has been made regarding this event.  The link can be found here.  If the post is shared 50 times, a local teacher will receive $500.00.

The Details:

Each person who shares the original post will get one vote for their favorite local teacher.  On November 15th, the teacher with the most votes will be announced and receive $500.00 in time for Black Friday shopping!

How to Vote:

After sharing the original post, simply message Clay Carr the following:

1.  That you have shared the 50 for $500 post (this will be checked);

2.  Name of a teacher; and

3.   School for which the teacher works.